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Microchipping microchipping

Create a permanent identification for your animal

Are you worried about what could happen if your pet became scared and ran away? Maybe you travel, and you are concerned about your pet getting lost.


Micro-chipping your animal creates a permanent identity for your pet and aids in your lost animal being found.

What is a micro-chip?

A micro-chip is a tiny electronic device. You could compare it to a piece of rice. This gets implanted underneath your pet's skin right between the shoulder blades. After it is put in, it stays there for the rest of your animal's life.


The chip has a number and other vital information about your pet stored on it. This information is stored in a national pet registry. When your runaway animal is found, it can be taken to most veterinary hospitals or a shelter to be scanned.

What we use

Here at Country Acres Veterinary Clinic we use the Home Again micro-chipping system. This system is universally recognized.

What's in your chip?

• Your name

• Your pet’s name

• Address

• Phone number and email


• An alternate contact and their

 phone number

As a locally owned

office, we can give you

the personal attention

you deserve.


Comfortable environment