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Does your pet need surgery?

At Country Acres Veterinary Clinic surgeries and dentals are performed everyday. We care about the health and safety of your animal during surgery.  Our staff is here to provide you and your pet with compassionate care.


Routine surgeries include spays, neuters, declaws, c-sections, growth and mass removal, occular surgery, teeth cleaning, as well as numerous other procedures.

Enjoy peace of mind

It is our main goal to ensure the comfort of your animal and you. We want you to ask questions and you're more than welcome to call to check on your pet.


Prior to a procedure, your pet will receive a physical exam to verify your pets’ health status.  Some pets may require lab testing which we can do ‘in house’ providing us with immediate results.  All animals will be given pain medication to reduce any discomfort.


Following a procedure, most pets will go home the same day.  Animals are much happier and less stressed at home with their families therefore allowing a quicker recovery.

IMPORTANT reminders

For your pet’s safety, do not allow your animal to eat after 9:00 PM the day before the procedure. They may still have access to water.

The day of surgery

 •  Check in time is 8:00am - 8:45am

 •  Your pet will go home on the same day as the procedure.  

    Discharge is 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Routine Surgeries and Dentals are performed Monday — Friday.


9:00am — 12:00pm

Veterinarian and a cat

Post Surgery


•  Rest your pet

•  No baths or swimming for 10 days after surgery

•  Check your pet’s incision and monitor it

Mild swelling, bruising, and even slight discharge can be normal for the first 24hrs.  The incision should continue to look better each day.  We will recheck any incision at NO CHARGE.

•  E-collars (cone collar) or Medical pet shirts are available for pets who insist on licking their incisions